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How Low Flow Fixtures Can Help You Save on Water

Winchester PlumberLow flow options for home faucets, toilets and shower heads are the new biggest item to upgrade in your home, as tons of people have started to make the transition lately, due to the big savings and benefit to the environment.

Regular faucets and toilets are flat out inefficient and happen to use way more water than is really needed.

Saving with Toilets

Take toilets for example. If you have a toilet that is more than twenty or so years old, chances are that it is using up five or more gallons per flush, although it can go up to seven.

This means every single time any person flushes the toilet, up to seven gallon jugs of water are wasted. This is pretty ridiculous and even though things have gotten better, normal toilets today still use three or four full gallons.

Low Flow toilets use as little as one and a half gallons, which is a massive savings in the long run.

Shower Heads

Every time you take a shower, more water is coming out of the faucet than you actually need, although you probably are not aware of this. Some people like the flow to be very heavy coming out of the faucet and if you fit into this category, you might think about all the extra water that you are wasting.

Low flow shower heads are proven to put one less than half the total amount that you would use during a shower with a regular head.

Winchester Fixture Installation ServiceFaucets

You can lump faucets in with shower heads, in that they simply shell out way more water than is really needed to get the task at hand accomplished. When you have a heavy flow water faucet, you are still just as likely to crank it on fully, leading to a great deal of wasted water.

When you think about all of the wasted water through these three things it starts to make a lot of sense to get low flow faucets, especially when you think of an entire family using all of those faucets and flushing the toilet throughout the entire month.

If you want to make the upgrades or are simply interested in how you can save, you can call a plumbing company to take a look at your home set up. They will be able to tell you where you can make upgrades to save money and can even provide the parts and installation.

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