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Two Important Reasons to Hire a Plumber for Your Kitchen Remodel


Kitchen RemodelingIf your kitchen remodel will include any plumbing work, such as installing a dishwasher or moving the location of the sink, you may be tempted to let your general contractor do the work. However, this plan is usually penny wise and pound foolish. Here are three reasons a certified plumber should be contracted for your kitchen remodel.

Leaks Can be Catastrophic

Even the smallest leak in your plumbing can cause the floor beneath to become weak and ruin the support beams. The standing water also makes for an attractive breeding ground for vermin, such as roaches and fleas, as well as dangerous black mold. Hiring a certified plumber will ensure that the person performing the work will be aware of these potential dangers and make sure that not even the smallest drop is permitted to leak from the pipes.

Of course, large leaks are also a huge problem. The last thing you want is to wake up to a flooded kitchen and several inches of water in your finished basement as well. Making sure the job is done professionally can buy you peace of mind, knowing the fitting are tight and leaks will not be a problem.

Insurance Considerations

If you do have a leak after your kitchen remodel, you homeowner’s insurance may not be pleased to discover the plumbing was done by an amateur or a general contractor with no specialized training. This could slow your claim or even cause it to be denied outright, which could cost you tens of thousands of dollars depending on the extent of the damage.

Hiring a professional, certified plumber is essential for any kitchen remodel. Not only will this assure the work is done correctly, it will remove any doubt that the work is insured under your homeowner’s policy and will be covered in case there is a leak.

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