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Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions to Unclog Your Drain


The acceptance and use of chemical drain cleaners is widespread. However, there are several reasons that a homeowner should think twice about pouring one of them down their pipes. It is always a better alternative to trust a certified plumber with your drain cleaning needs.

First, many chemical drain cleaners are limited in their ability to actually do what they advertise. Most of these drain cleaners are only effective on small loose clogs, and are unable to handle anything stronger than a small ball of hair. Also, these drain cleaners are only effective on clogs near the drain itself. If you have a clog further down a pipe and use a chemical drain cleaner, you are literally pouring your money down the drain.

Second, many of these chemical drain cleaners can have a negative impact on the environment. Inside of these drain cleaners are many acidic and alkaline chemicals that are very caustic and toxic. Often due to leaks and or poor planning, these chemicals can make it out into lakes and streams. Once there, these chemicals often make their way into the food chain, becoming a risk, not just for nature, but people as well.

Third, with the powerful mix of chemicals in these drain cleaners, there is a risk of dangerous chemical reactions occurring. Dangerous fumes can sometimes occur when the chemicals from the drain cleaner mix with cleaning agents and other chemicals that have been used recently. There is also the danger of an explosion occurring if the drain cleaner happens to mix with just the right chemical.

Lastly, chemical drain cleaners are extremely poisonous. If some of the cleaner splashes in your eyes, it can quickly render you permanently blind. If you were to accidentally ingest even a small amount, the medical effects would be severe, and potentially fatal. This is especially a danger to toddlers and small children who would not know any better.

Chemical drain cleaners can be effective under a specific set of circumstances. However, with all the drawbacks they have, any homeowner would be better off not using them. Simply call a trained plumber for all of your clogged drain needs.

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