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A sewer line must be properly maintained to ensure that the line is free of debris; there are many types of signs that might exhibit themselves in lieu of a sewer needing to be cleaned. If a sewer line is left untreated, it can cause the line to back up or to even form cracks within the line.

One of the first things for one to observe is the drain rate of the bathtub, kitchen and bathroom sinks. If the water is draining slower than usual, or taking a long time to drain then the sewer line may be clogged up. Common things that might clog a sewer line are an accumulation of greases, hair and scum buildup. Once the buildup has clogged the sewer line, the only way to remove it is to use some sort of cleaning solution to remove the clogged-up mess.

There are also other signs to watch out for when determining whether or not a sewer line needs to be replaced. Oftentimes alongside slow drains are accompanying foul odors and perhaps odd sounds. Once water has been accumulating in an area long enough, it will start to deteriorate the area. Once deterioration has started, foul odors will be present due to the stench of rotting wood and flooring. There might also be dripping sounds, or other odd sounds that pertain to a sewer line leak.

Lastly, one may also notice dark water stains along the basement foundation flooring, or even down some of the walls of the structure. Water stains accompanied with a foul odor are definite signs that the sewage line should be treated. Whichever method one uses to clean a sewage line, they should research the proper methods and techniques for doing so according to the specific sewage cleaning products they are using.

Maintaining your sewer lines free of debris will save you from costly repair in the future. For all of your plumbing needs in Richardsville Contact  Powell’s Plumbing. Call us today at (610) 258-2591.

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