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Does your sump pump need maintenance?


Your sump pump is the pump that removes water collected in a basin from rain or natural ground water. Sump pumps are commonly found in basements of homes and are extremely important for waterproofing your house, so they must be maintained regularly to ensure proper function.When your sump pump needs maintenance, it must be attended to right away. Ignoring this problem could create serious issues for your home, such as major water damage and even property loss.

There are many signs your sump pump needs maintenance. If you notice any of the following, you should call to have your plumbing system serviced.

Smell – If there is an odor coming from your sump pump, it could mean there is an issue with the pump’s vents or seals, and this should be attended to immediately. An odor in your sump pump is often a major indication of a more serious problem, so if there is a bad smell you should call a plumber to come check your system.

Flooding – Flooding in your sump system is also a dangerous problem that needs immediate attention. If there is excess water in your sump there may be a clog or the pump may need to be replaced. Don’t wait to call a plumber to check your sump system if there is any excess water buildup.

Sound – If there are noises coming from your sump pump then that could indicate a serious problem in the system, including clogging (usually from dirt or sand) or other mechanical problems. Your sump pump should not make alarming noises, so if it starts rattling or humming at a louder volume than normal, you should call a plumber to make sure your system is working properly.

Routine maintenance of your sump system will ensure your house is waterproof and safe from water damage, which is especially important for homeowners living in damp climates and with basements susceptible to flooding.

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