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How is your water heater running?


Water heaters can last for a long time, but they still require periodic maintenance. Eventually, even the best water heaters wear out and need to be replaced. These are a few signs your water heater needs maintenance.

Are you running out of hot water too quickly? This is a sign your water heater needs maintenance. Heating elements in hot water heaters may accumulate mineral deposits or rust over time making them not function properly. One or both heating elements may need to be replaced, or it may require other maintenance.

Does your water take too long to heat? This is another sign your water heater may need maintenance. Your water heater may need a new heating element or other maintenance.

Is water leaking from the hot water heater? This is a good sign your water heater needs maintenance. Repairing leaks early can save money in utilities and repairs. Water leaks will only worsen over time, and the leaking water may also damage your house.

Do you have rust or sediment in your hot water? This is another sign your water heater needs to be serviced. Sediment may have built up in the water heater over the years. A qualified plumber may be able to clean your hot water heater to fix the problem, and extend the life of the water heater.

Is the hot water too hot even after adjusting the thermostat? This may indicate the thermostat is defective and needs to be replaced. Water heaters with malfunctioning thermostats need to be repaired by a professional. Water that is too hot is dangerous as it can scald and cause burns.

It is easy to forget about your hot water heater as long as everything works as expected. These signs may indicate that your water heater needs maintenance though. Keeping on top of water heater maintenance can save money in the long run, and avoid an unpleasant situation when it fails completely. Consulting with a qualified, plumbing professional is the best way to maintain your water heater.

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