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It’s a great time of year to do some freshening up around the house. Many people take time for a “spring cleaning” routine, tackling crowded closets, cluttered attics, and disorganized kitchens. But one thing that many homeowners neglect is their plumbing. If you want to do your spring cleaning right this year, don’t forget to check in on your pipes, toilets, sinks, drains, and more! This can be a great habit to get into, so you stay on top of the health of your home’s plumbing and can even help you avoid costly repairs.

  • When you are ready to tackle your annual deep clean, here are a few things that deserve a place on your list!
  • Check your water heater- it should be set to no more than 120 degrees to prevent burns, and if it’s more than 15 years old, it’s likely time for a replacement.
  • Check your supply hoses to your dishwasher and washing machine- look for bulges, leaks, cracks, or stiffening. Replace if needed, to avoid possible flooding.
  • Check your toilet tanks- place a few drops of food dye into the tank water, and check to see if any comes out in the bowl. These types of slow leaks can cost you money every year, but can easily be fixed!
  • Clean your showerheads and faucets- mineral deposits can impede water flow. Soak in vinegar overnight and scrub with an old toothbrush, before rinsing and replacing.
  • Check your drains- things like hair and other debris often clog up drains, so take time to clean them out. Consider installing traps or filters, to prevent this in the future.
  • Check your pipes and valves- take a tour through your home and check for leaks from any visible pipes and valves. Also, make sure you know where your main water shutoff is!

These are just a few easy tips that any homeowner can use, during spring cleaning, to stay on top of their plumbing. And if you need help, or need plumbing repair, reach out to us at Powell’s Plumbing today!

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