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It is already March and, if it hasn’t arrived yet, spring weather is on the way. Here is a helpful spring plumbing checklist to keep your plumbing in top shape this season:

Be sure to:

Check your sump pump—Spring storms bring flowers, but they also might stress your sump pump unit. It’s a good idea to clean your sump pump (consult your owner’s manual to learn how). You should also test your sump pump by first making sure the pit is clear of any debris, and then pouring in a bucket of water. Winter is also a good time for mold and mildew generation in the unit; you can clear that out by running a mixture of water and vinegar through your pump. 

Check your water valves—It’s always a good idea to occasionally turn the water valves in your home off and on just to make sure they don’t get sticky.

Install a flood alarm—This is especially true if you live in flood-prone areas. If you’re not sure whether you live in a flood-prone area, springtime is a great time to check! Flood alarms are relatively cheap and can save you a lot of money in damages and property loss.

Check outdoor faucets and sprinklers—Now is the time to see whether you have any freeze-induced leaks in your outdoor plumbing. Leaks in outdoor faucets or sprinklers usually mean that one of your pipes froze and broke over the winter.

Check your washer’s supply hoses—Your washer hoses are most likely made of rubber, which deteriorates with age. Typically these hoses will need to be replaced every five years. Add a quick check of these hoses to your spring-cleaning list (it’s a great time to clean behind your washer and dryer while you perform this check).

If you run into any problems as you complete this checklist, Powell’s Plumbing can help! Whether you need help with burst pipe repair or sump pump services, contact the pros at Powell’s today!

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