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Top 10 Reasons to install a Garbage Disposal


Winchester PlumberIt is no secret, there are many uses for a garbage disposal. There is a convenience to those using them, and these are the ten of the best reasons to get one installed.

This list can be divided into three main subsections: the decreased concern of clogging the sink, the environmental benefits of garbage disposals, and the disposal of otherwise hard to dispose of foods and the financial benefits thereof.

Decreased Concern of a Clogged Sink

1. The Decreased concern of a clogged sink is the obvious benefit of installing a garbage disposal as the main point of a garbage disposal is to shred anything into small enough pieces that they should have no problem in going through the sink.

Environmental Benefits

2. The Environmental benefits are quite substantial, as use of garbage disposal sends food to the sewers not to land fills, which a study by the New York City Department of Environmental protection has found is not at all harmful to the environment.

3. This means that food is sent to the sewers, and eventually out into rivers, lakes, and oceans, which means the food can be eaten by other creatures instead of just throwing it away.

4. The alternative is sending food to land fills in plastic bags where other animals cannot get to it, so it just continues to fill up the landfills faster than they otherwise would.

Reliability of Garbage Disposals

5. It was once hard to find a reliable way to dispose of semi-solid food due to concern of it either ripping open trash bags, or clogging the sink which is no longer an issue.

6. This means that people have less broken trash bags to worry about and from that there are two main benefits.

Garbage Disposal Services7. The first is obvious, There is less cleaning of waste that fell on the floor when a trash bag rips open.

8. Second there are less trash bags being used which goes back to the helping the environment, but it also saves money.

9. If there are less trash bags being used, then it naturally follows suit that there will also be less purchasing of trash bags, which could over time save money.

10. And finally due to the less strain being put on the trash bags from just dry food and other trash being put in, lower quality, and therefore, less expensive trash bags can be used.

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