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Garbage Disposal


Winchester PlumberMy Disposer Smells Really Bad

The smell coming from the drain in your kitchen sink is typically due to particles of food. Many people with a garbage disposal may discover a bad smell from time to time. Smells often get stronger due to the build up of food particles over time. If you are experiencing an odor from your garbage disposal then a simple solution is available.

Professional plumbers recommend that homeowners add peels of orange or lemon into their garbage disposal every few weeks. This is a natural way to deodorize due to the acid contained in the citrus peels.

What Can a Plumber Do to Get Rid of the Smell?

There are many options available to a plumber to address any smell coming from a garbage disposal in a residential home. The course of action will depend on the type or problem. If the unit is not operating correctly or does not turn on, then a repair may be needed.

However, many garbage disposal units have a reset button. This is used when the unit has experienced an overload. Pressing the reset button usually fixes most problems. If the unit does not turn on then, another solution is necessary.

What Shouldn’t I Put Into My Disposal Unit?

The most important thing to know about regular garbage disposals is they are only meant to process foods that are biodegradable. Homeowners will often run into problems if they begin using their disposal unit like a trash can. If you put any non-food items in a garbage disposal unit, then the blades or motor might be damaged. The best rule to go by is to throw anything out if you have any doubt.

Garbage DisposalWhat is the Best Way to Operate My Garbage Disposal?

Do not use hot water when running your garbage disposal. Hot water will cause any grease to soften in the pipes and can potential lead to a clog. Make sure to run the water for 15 seconds after all food waste has been processed. This is needed to flush down any excess food particles.

The use of a sink strainer will be necessary anytime a garbage disposal is not working. Another thing a homeowner should know is how to prevent drain smells.

This includes making sure to run the disposal unit whenever any food is placed in the sink or dishes are being washed. Another thing a homeowner needs to do when running their garbage disposal is to always run the water.

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