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Summer is in full swing and at Powell’s Plumbing, we want to make sure all our customers have the best tips to keep all their plumbing in working order. There are several plumbing issues that can be easily prevented, by following some of these helpful tips.  

  1. Be selective with what you put down your garbage disposal: While it is important to monitor what goes into your garbage disposal year-round, there are several summertime foods that you should make sure are thrown in the trash instead. These include corn husks, banana peels, artichokes, and other fibrous fruits and vegetables. 
  2. Keep dirt out of your pipes: Plumbing systems are not designed to handle copious amounts of dirt, so if you have had a fun day playing outside, gardening, or running in the sand with the kids or dog, make sure to hose everyone off outside before jumping in the shower and letting that dirt get into the pipes. This can prevent some serious plumbing issues down the line. 
  3. Brush your pets frequently: Dogs and cats tend to shed more in the summer and all this extra hair often ends up on clothes that get washed in the washing machine. Reduce the pressure on your system by brushing pets frequently and reducing the amount of hair that ends up in your plumbing system. 
  4. Replace or repair leaky faucets: Don’t take off for a summer trip without fixing that leaky faucet. That drip coming out of your sink’s faucet can add up to about five gallons of wasted water every day, not to mention a higher water bill. A leak in your shower or sink can be easily remedied with new gaskets or by replacing the faucet or shower head hardware, which is a relatively inexpensive repair. 

If you need plumbing service or repair for your Winchester home this summer, reach out to us at Powell’s Plumbing to schedule your appointment!