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The Latest Toilet Technologies

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Motion Activated Lid

Small children and those that can be forgetful will love this feature, which is motion activated toilet lids. Many have toilets that they simply have to lift the lid to use the bathroom, but sometimes, people forget to lift the lid, especially if they’re in a hurry.

A motion activated lid can sense a person squatting over it, and it will open on its own. This type of toilet doesn’t need a remote control or any type of help to open the lid because it can completely do it on its own by simply sensing that a person is about to use the bathroom.

This is an excellent technology for children, especially since many children who are just learning to go to the bathroom may have problems lifting the heavy toilet lids or putting them down after they’ve used the toilet. Sometimes, when it’s the middle of the night, a person may use the bathroom in the dark and forget to lift the lid, and this can be a big mess if they start going before the lid is up, so a motion activated lid is a great feature.

Air Vents

There are toilet seats with air vents that can blow warm air onto the ground, and it can warm up the toes of the person who is sitting on the toilet. Only select toilets have this type of technology, but this can be amazing for anyone who has ever had to go to the toilet when it’s very cold, especially if they don’t have heated floors.

Having the air vents blow onto the ground will not only keep the toes warm but also the feet as well, which can make it a lot more pleasant when going to the bathroom when it’s pretty cold in your Winchester home. Even if the home is already being warmed by central air, it still doesn’t mean that the floor is warm, so air vents on a toilet that warms the floor is a great feature.

Heated Seat

Everyone has heard of heated seats, but whoever knew that there were heated toilet seats? The heated seats are most likely heated by a ceramic heater that’s attached to the seat, and this is great for those who live in cold areas, especially since toilet seats will stay cold, even in a warm Winchester house. Heated seats on a toilet can make going to the bathroom ever so comfortable.

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