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The Importance of Backflow Testing

Winchester PlumberWhat is Backflow Testing?

Backflow testing is a test performed by a certified plumbing professional that checks to see if your backflow prevention system is functioning correctly.

The tester will inspect the backflow system to make sure that it prevents used water from flowing backwards and into the clean potable water system.

As part of the testing they will inspect any cross connections that you may have on your property and determine if they are protected by a functioning backflow protection device or if they are not protected and need repair or replacement.

Why is it Important to Have Backflow Prevention Devices Installed in Your Water System?

Backflow devices are crucial because they prevent used water that could contain waste from flowing backwards and into the water supply system. To fully understand the importance of backflow prevention one must have a basic understand of plumbing systems.

In a typical household there are two or more plumbing lines. One line brings clean, treated water that could be used for drinking, bathing and gardening. This is known as the potable water line. It is clean of dangerous contaminants and human waste.

The other line is the sewer line where used water from toilets, showers faucets and all other appliances goes down. The sewer line contains untreated water that contains waste and chemicals from soaps and detergents.

As you can now see, it is crucial to keep the used water from the sewer line from contaminating the potable water system line. Pressure drops, water main breaks, firefighting and water line repairs can also cause water to flow backwards and result in contamination of the potable water line.

A backflow device would prevent contamination in such situations by only allowing the used water to flow in one direction towards the sewers.

Winchester Backflow-Testing-ServicesThis is why it is so important to have back flow devices installed in your water system line. Most cities and states now require water backflow devices installed and regularly tested to protect citizens from cross contamination.

How Can Backflow Testing Save Your Family Member’s Lives?

Backflow testing can save a life. If you do not have a backflow water prevention device or have a broken one, you are at risk for backflow.

Backflow’s can cause contamination of your potable water line. Backflow water could contain human waste and pesticides that could cause a person to fall ill or develop sickness.

Don’t risk a family member or loved getting ill, get your backflow device tested and repair or install a new one if needed to protect your drinking water and your family.

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