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The Top 5 Bathroom Trends

Winchester PlumberA ton of people either want to upgrade the bathrooms in their homes, or have recently made a purchase and want to completely change the old set up that the previous owners had.

Regardless of the reason that you want to redo your bathroom, there are so many options that you have at your fingertips for improvement, that it can be hard to decipher what you should do first.

Here are five of the biggest and best trends when it comes to remodeling and fixing up the bathrooms in your home.

Granite Counter Tops

This one may seem obvious, as the popularity of putting granite counter tops in bathrooms and kitchens has absolutely exploded over the last few years. More and more people are getting this done, and who can blame them, because granite counter tops look amazing.

Outfitting your sink with granite is a great way to make your bathroom sparkle and the great thing is that you typically only need a very small piece of granite to fix up a bathroom, which is fairly cheap.

Smart Technology

It seems like smart technology is everywhere now, but I bet you didn’t know that you can now get all sorts of smart appliances and electronics in your bathroom.

There are now smart showers that are out, which remember the exact temperature you like your water heated up to, as well as smart toilets that are outfitted for their germ resistant technology.

If this sounds like your thing, you might want to check out the options you have, but keep in mind that these products are just hitting the market and are going to be fairly expensive.

New Vanity, Bowl Tubs, and Flooring

Winchester Bathroom-TrendsThere are all sorts of cool options for your vanity and sink, and this is another very straightforward and fairly cheap option that you have to upgrade your bathroom. There are a great deal of stylistic and eye appealing vanities that you can put into your bathrooms.

In the early twentieth century, the only type of bath tubs you would see were the ones that sit up above the floor, but they are coming very rapidly back into popularity.

Tons of people are now installing these styles of tubs in their bathrooms, with a new modern day look to them and they look absolutely amazing.

One of the most common things people change about their bathrooms is the flooring, as you can make a bathroom look great by altering the tiling. It is a great idea to get tiling that you think will look good and match it to the colors and pictures that you have on the walls.

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