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There are really no secrets to hiring a plumbing contractor in Stevensburg. However, there are several things that a homeowner should look for, and insist on, before she allows a plumbing contractor to perform work, especially if that work is going to be extensive.

The first thing a homeowner has to know is whether they need a plumbing contractor who does basic installation, maintenance and repair work or one who does renovations and remodelings.

A homeowner can most often get referrals for a good plumber from friends and neighbors, or from their real estate agent.

A plumbing contractor should be licensed, and the homeowner should ask the contractor for proof of their license. The plumbing contractor should also be insured, especially with worker’s compensation. The insurance should be worth at least a half a million dollars. It’s also a good sign if the plumber is a member of a professional plumber’s or contractor’s association. Though this doesn’t guarantee that the plumber is top of the line, most plumbers want to preserve their good reputation and don’t wish to besmirch any organization they belong to.

The homeowner should first hire a plumber for routine repairs and not wait till she has an emergency. It’s easier to evaluate a plumber when things are relatively calm. More often, routine repairs let the homeowner know what the plumber usually charges. Emergency repairs can be expensive.

A plumbing contractor who’s hired to work on a remodel must not only be licensed, bonded and insured, but will need to know the local building codes and will need proper permits in order to work. It’s also important that the contractor has experience in the sort of renovation or remodel the homeowner wants. The best recommendation for a remodeling plumbing contractor might come from a general contractor who’s worked with the plumber before. The plumber must also be willing to draw up and sign a written, detailed contract before the work begins.

All plumbers should be tidy, even to the point of wearing booties on the worksite so they don’t tramp dirt all over the area. They should also be willing to clean up after themselves at the end of the day, and clean up thoroughly when the job is finished.

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