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5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Washing Machine

Most of us ask a lot of our washing machines. This is one of the highest-use appliances in the average household, but is often overlooked when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. You rely on your washing machine to get the stink out of your workout clothes, freshen your sheets, and so much more. But when was the last time you thought about how to best care for your washer? With the right maintenance, you can enjoy an efficient washing machine for many years to come.

Here are some basic tips to help you care for your washing machine:

1. Don’t overload it

Stuffing your washing machine to the brim places unnecessary strain on the agitator and the motor. Not only will your clothes not get as clean, but the weight may also wear out the drum and belt system faster.

2. Clean it regularly
Around showers and tubs is a common area for mold growth. Take a preventative step by waterproofing and sealing your grout and along the sides of your tub or shower surround.

3. Wash towels and rugs often
Mold spores can easily take hold in soft, porous surfaces like those found on your bathroom towels, rugs, and fabric shower curtains. Set a reminder to wash these in hot water with quality detergent at least twice per month.

4. Clean regularly
Don’t let your bathroom go too long between thorough cleanings. At least once per week, scrub down your shower, tiles, tub, etc. Get in the habit of using a squeegee in your shower after use. You can use a white vinegar solution to help prevent mold growth.

5. Repair plumbing leaks
Leaking pipes can easily create a situation ripe for mold and structural damage. Contact your local plumber to have your bathroom inspected and make sure you don’t have a slow leak that is saturating your floors or walls.

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