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Currently, the term green has become a household name. This has been the case due to an increasing awareness from the environmentalists about conserving our environment through sustainable production processes. Climate change effects are now very evident and more and more individuals are doing their part to reverse the effects of greenhouse gases by going green.

1. Home developers in certain areas have shifted to more green roofing designs. In hot areas, such as Virginia, elevated roofs are being designed as compared to flat roofs. This is because elevated roofs do not retain, but reflect sun rays and heat. Flat roofs are preferred in cold areas where heat is required.

2. As another measure of going green, today many home developers advocate and install green energies in their homes. These energies emit little or no carbon to the environment. Such energy sources are similar to electricity, such as solar energy and bio fuels. Green energy is also safe and cost efficient.

3. Water treatment as another point of going green entails treatment of water of the site. This makes it devoid of acidic gases especially from acid rain. This makes it much safer for human consumption.

4. Home owners are using and still continuing to explore the use of green insulation material. Such measures entail recycling of more natural materials such as denim which minimizes the transfer of heat from one material to another.

5. Floors can alternatively be constructed out of timber tiles which absorb heat.

6. Use of energy saving appliances such as energy saving bulbs is also very common.

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