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Why is Your Water Discolored?

Discolored water can be unsightly but is it dangerous? The good news is that most of the time discolored water is perfectly harmless. Using discolored water may not be pleasant for us, as we are used to washing and bathing with clear water. Water can become stained due to natural causes.

Winchester, VA Discolored Water ServicesHowever, in some rare cases discolored water may be colored due to accidents in the water lines and should be addressed by a professional. Below are the most common reasons for discolored water.

Rusty Pipes

If your Winchester home pipes are made out of metal, they will corrode and rust over time. Galvanized steel pipes are especially prone to rust and the zinc that covers them can be swept up into water as it passes.

If the amount of corrosion is especially great, than water may begin to discolor as a result. Copper pipes too can rust and discolor water.

The rust is what causes the water to have a strange color. Depending on the metal used to construct the pipes, the water could have a reddish or brownish tint.

Replacing these rusty pipes is the only way to get rid of the discolored water. A professional plumber will be able to locate these pipes and replace them with newer pipes. Rusty, old pipes are more prone to leaks and cracks and should be replaced anyways.

Natural Minerals And Sediments In The Water

Depending on where you live, minerals and sediments in your Winchester home water source could be causing your water to be discolored. If you are concerned about this, you can install a water filtration system that will remove these sediments or minerals that are discoloring your water.

A plumber will be able to determine which type of filtration system will be able to remove the minerals or sediments that are the culprit. Minerals and sediment often discolor water red, gray and even a greenish color.

Spills And Breaks In The Main Line

Sometimes water can be colored due to an accident in the main water line. During construction work on the water lines, sediment such as sand can enter water pipes and discolor water.

This can often be cleared by just running the water until the sediment flushes out of your water system. In other cases, chemicals can enter the water line and discolor water.

In addition to having discoloration, the water may have a strange smell. In such a case, you should avoid using this water. The water company or local government in charge of the water supply should alert you of these problems. If you have any doubts or if the problem this not cleared up contact a plumber to address the issue.

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