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Has your home water pressure fallen off lately? Wondering if there’s anything you can do about it before calling a plumber? Here are some reasons why your water pressure might have decreased, as well as some fixes to try:

  1. Check your aerators. These are those little screens at the opening of your faucets. Aerators can sometimes be clogged with debris or get rusty, and sometimes replacing them can bring back the pressure.

  2. Check the main shut-off valve. This valve can be found where the main water pipe enters your home. If it is only partially open, the pressure won’t be as high, so make sure it is opened completely.

  3. Have your water softener and water heater inspected. If the previous two quick fixes aren’t in play, there may be other issues with your plumbing system. Faulty water softeners and buildup of sediment in water heaters can both cause a decrease in water pressure. If either of these two units are getting old in years, it might be a good idea to have them inspected by a professional.

  4. You may have a malfunctioning water pressure regulator. These are devices that control the water pressure in your home, so it doesn’t become excessive. Sometimes these regulators can be defective and cause flow to be too restricted. This is another issue that will require the attention of a professional.

  5. Leaking pipes could be another culprit for decreased pressure. This is obviously one of the most problematic causes of lower pressure, as it could potentially cause damage to your home. If you hear dripping noises behind any of your walls, or notice any kind of residue on the front of your walls, you could have a leak in your system that requires professional attention.

If you’ve tried the DIY fixes and still aren’t getting the pressure you want, it’s time to call the professionals at Powell’s Plumbing! We can get your pressure back up to par in no time!