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Reasons To Get A Garbage Disposal Unit For Your Home


Americans generate millions of tons of food waste each year. The majority of food waste will end up in landfills or burned. One way for a homeowner to be more environmentally friendly when disposing any food waste is to install a garbage disposal. A garbage disposal is beneficial in many ways.

Convenient: Getting rid of food waste in a garbage disposal will reduce the need for garbage bags and cans that will typically develop bad smells. A garbage disposal will grind up most types of food waste, such as bones from chickens and peelings from fruits. Homeowners can also put their coffee grounds in a disposal. If a unit is installed in the home, then there will be less bugs and animals that are looking for a meal. This will keep a home more sanitary by sending food waste down the drain.

Eco-Friendly: Most food waste is composed of 70 percent water. This means it can easily be ground up to go through a municipal sewer system or a residential septic system. Food that is ground up will no be sent to local landfills and can result in less garbage trucks on the road. A city that uses less garbage trucks will have less operating expenses.  Food that is sent through a sewer system can be turned into bio solids and fertilizers. The methane that is produced from garbage can be harnessed as a source or renewable energy.

Cost-Effective: A home with a garbage disposal will benefit from its low-cost operation. Garbage disposals will use up to 1 percent of a home’s yearly household water usage. Another benefit is a unit will typically cost up to 50 cents a year to operate.

Value: Many buyers will see the addition of a garbage disposal as an added bonus when looking at a home. If a kitchen has a garbage disposal, then there is no need to put food in a trash can. This means that pets are not be tempted by the smell of food.

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