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Reasons for sewer drains breaking

Broken sewer drains and pipes are no joke. Sewage issues can wreak havoc throughout the house. Knowing what causes these issues can help homeowners make an attempt to prevent this type of issue from occurring.

One of the issues of drains breaking is kitchen sink back ups. The kitchen sink collects a lot of debris. Everything from grease to food particles and anything else that falls down the drain can become a real nuisance. Grease may seem harmless, but as the grease solidifies, it can collect in the pipes and trap the debris that is falling through the pipes. Eventually the greasy mess will prevent proper water flow and begin blocking the sewage. Raw sewage may begin to overflow into the home.

While the drain pipes appear large enough to take certain items through it, the only thing flowing through pipes should only really be water. Large, bulky items could clog and damage the pipe. Certain chemicals, even though it may flow easily through the pipe, could damage the pipe, the sewer line, and cause an issue if released into other areas.

Some chemicals to avoid are antifreeze, fuels, paint, paint thinners, pool chemicals, or cleaners. While it may seem like a viable solution, these chemicals could potentially cause issues within the drains and sewer. Contact your local recycle plant for advice on how to properly dispose of a chemical.

While you may try to prevent these occurrences from happening, there are times when the sewer and drains are going to need attention. In these cases, it is best to call a professional to properly evaluate the situation and provide the best solution. Attempting to fix the drains yourself could lead to further troubles and a much more costly fix. Plumbing is intricate. A professional can properly fix the drains and get your sewer back to working condition.

When a pipe bursts in your home it can be a major headache. You need a plumbing company you can count on to get the job done well and fast. Powell’s Plumbing is the Bentonville Burst Pipe repair specialists, call us at (540)-636-8196 to make an appointment today!

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