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Ever wondered what causes small Leaks around the house? Well wonder no more, the answer will be revealed. First of all, you can’t mention leaks around the house, without mentioning weather. Weather damage is one of the main causes of leaks around the house. For instance, let’s take summer. It’s a generally nice weather season, there’s heat, some rain and a few storms. Those few storms and rain can cause a lot of damage to roofs and basement interior if the base is already weak. The worst type of rain that can cause the most damage to your roof is acid rain.

Acid rain contains chemicals that cause extreme damage to your asphalt roof. Although asphalt shingles usually do not deteriorate under normal weather conditions, the chemical make of acid rain will slowly break down your roof, which can result in major shingle damage, and in return create a serious leak. If you live in an area that constantly has acid rain bouts, the best thing you can do to protect your roof, would be to have the entire roof covered by roof plastic. Its blue and you can get it at most hardware stores at an affordable price.

Other leaks around the house could be bathroom, kitchen, and basement leaks. It is always recommended to have your house inspected for leaks yearly. When dealing with basement leaks, your main issue will be water. Water from rain and snow can leak down into your basement, and erode the cement and cause leaks. To fix water leaks in the basement, it is wise to hire a waterproofing team. They can waterproof your basement, and get to the root of what’s causing your basement to leak water. Bathroom sinks and kitchen sink leaks are simply caused by wear and tear, or the not so common faulty installation. To rid your home of basic kitchen and bathroom leaks, enlist the help of a plumber. When it’s all said and done, leaks are going to happen, but it’s up to you to not procrastinate and repair them.

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