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Differences between a Traditional Water Heater and Tankless


Modern technology has made the traditional water heater much more efficient. As energy costs increase, homeowners are looking at sensible ways to cut costs. One popular option is the purchase of a tankless water heater.

Rusty Warm Water Losing Heat In Traditional Water Heater

Have you ever taken a serious look at the bottom of your traditional water heater? Probably not, unless you are a plumber. Most old water heaters heat up cold water and fill the tank with the water.

The hot water is great if you are ready to wash dishes, take a shower or melt some ice “that very second.” The problem with this inefficient system is that you really only need hot water a couple hours a day. This old system is like cooking a meal 24 hours a day, when you really only need to cook when you are hungry.

Tank water heaters lead to “wasted money spent on unused water.” As that warm water cools, the temperature gauge heats up the cold water again. Kind of wasteful, right?

That water also starts to corrode the metal in your water heater. Eventually, you must replace it because of too much rust leading to leaks and dirty water.

Enter the Tankless Water Heater

During World War II, the United States built massive industrial warehouses full of parts for production. The Japanese developed a “just-in-time” production method emphasizing parts delivered the moment they were needed. That “real-time” concept is the foundation for the tankless water heater technology.

Instead of having water cooling when not needed, the tankless water heater only heats the hot water “when you need it.” This saves money on your energy bill. You also don’t have a tank. The modern heating coils can quickly heat up the water in an exchange system using high-powered burners. You can save money with the more efficient tankless water heater.

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