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Powell’s Plumbing is a well-known plumbing maintenance provider in Stevens City, VA and we are proud to serve local residents honestly and professionally. If you have an emergency call us today at 540-665-8196.Plumbing problems do not spring up until we least expect it or until we are least ready to handle them. This is why homeowners must always be prepared for a plumbing emergency. Plumbing emergencies are often overlooked as we use our plumbing systems every day without proper care and maintenance. Sometimes we get too comfortable with our performing systems until they stop performing and we end up spending hundreds on repairs for them and the extra damages they cause. Even worse, when emergencies, happen, it is often unknown until too late where other systems begin to feel the damage. Plumbing emergencies are real, they can be prevented, but when they do eventually happen, will you know who to call?

Utilities are systems which draw resources to your home like water, gas and electricity via a network of either pipes, tubes or wires so that you and your family can use them safely. What we are worried about are those pipes, tubes and wires. The hidden pipes and tubes in your home pose the biggest threat to your safety. What you don’t see or realize under the floorboards or in the walls, may be emergencies in the making. Many do not even attempt to regularly perform plumbing inspections or pipe cleanings for years and these are the people who face the highest risk. Pipe inspections are a key parts of your plumbing system’s longevity.

What you risk by not paying too much attention to your plumbing is water leakage in the form of either pipe bursts or residual leakage. Each of these threatens to damage your home’s walls or flooring, or even to short circuit electrical wiring. Short circuits can be extremely dangerous when they occur while someone is using an appliance which draws a substantial amount of energy. Although modern homes have breakers to cut electrical power in the event of a short circuit, electrical malfunction causes instant damage which means that, no matter how quickly the breaker trips, the damage can be done. For an unsuspecting resident of a home, an instant is all it takes for a disaster to occur.

Regular plumbing inspections from a certified local plumber is important but, it is no more important than knowing what to do in the even an emergency does occur with your plumbing. Malfunctions can occur for a whole variety of reasons regardless of regular maintenance (although the chances are extremely thin when you have a well maintained system). This is why it is essential to have a trusted local certified plumber who can handle emergency calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Without their help in a pinch, you could face hundreds of dollars in extra repairs and damages which could have been avoided by an experienced plumber. When it’s late at night and pipes burst, there’s not much the average homeowner can do but call a pro in the solve the problem

Times are not the easiest for anyone financially and we cannot afford to be wasting excessive amounts of money on repairs, even in the event of an emergency. You need to have confidence that the local emergency plumbing contractor you rely on is credible and legitimate. Will they be transparent enough to assure you, you’re not getting ripped off, while you’re vulnerable? Sometimes, the uncertified, illegitimate plumbers near you will try to swindle you for your hard-earned money by claiming to offer expert emergency plumbing help. No one is more suited to serve you than a licensed pro. Do your research and know who your trusted local emergency plumber is.

Powell’s Plumbing is a well-known plumbing maintenance provider in Stevens City, VA and we are proud to serve local residents honestly and professionally. If you have an emergency call us today at 540-665-8196.

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