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What Causes my Faucets to Drip?


Faucet RepairThe primary cause of your faucets to drip is the need to replace the washers on a cartridge, in the handle of your faucets. The compression of water against the washers will force the washers against the valve seat. The constant friction and resistance causes them to wear out. It is essential that you replace the washer with an exact duplicate. Improper installation can also be a source of causing your leaking faucet.

Most people consider a faucet drip as simple. Since they consider it a simple problem, they will go about the process of replacing the washers themselves. There are variables that allow this process to be to be very complex and anything but simple. By ignoring the complexities and maintaining it as, a simple repair can result in a considerable waste of water. There are studies showing the sizeable amounts of water that is wasted per year in a household. A faucet drip can have a serious increase in the cost of your water bill.

There are different types of faucets. There is the cartridge and compression type that use a washer. There are the drip and ball type that do not use washers. Since there are no washers to replace in this type faucet, you need to look at the moving parts. O rings are a source of concern. They can be the source of affecting seals in the mechanism. There is a screw that holds the handle of the faucet in place. It is a stem screw. It is is with a small disc attached to it. This disc is called an O ring. If this screw becomes loose, it can cause the faucets to drip. As the faucets drip, corrosion and mineral deposits will accumulate on moveable parts from the water. The corrosion will damage parts and compound a simple problem into a costly problem.

Between the faucet and the spout there is a connection. It is called the valve seat. The compression mechanism can accumulate water sediments and corrode the valve seat. This corrosion can be a source of damage that will cause the faucet to leak. It will leak around the spout area and drip into the sink. Consider calling a plumber.

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