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Signs Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance


There are several different signs that your water heater is about to either go out or just need basic service. There is the obvious sign that you just don’t have any hot water! This can be a pain when you get into the shower and have the shampoo in your hair! You also need to check in the area around where your hot water heater is if there is a puddle of water, moist, moldy, so more than likely there is a leak and you need to contact your local plumber to come and correct the issue.

The heating element in some of the older models tend to go out or start going bad. You can usually tell this because there is still water in your tank, but its just not getting to temp. or there is no heat whatsoever. With this issue you should check your pilot light before calling for service. Another sign that you probably need to contact someone for service is when you turn your hot water on, the smell (rotten egg), the color, and the ease of flow will let you know if you might have a issue in this case you need to contact someone to come and help you out.

Now you have the dreaded whining noise it could also be described as popping. That is a sign of sediment buildup. Your best bet is when this happens to go ahead and service your machine. If you don’t know how to drain your tank and know what you are looking for, this can be a costly repair, not to mention messy. Your hot water heater is something you tend to forget about until something goes wrong, but you only forget it till something goes wrong. So make sure you have it checked periodically before it gets to costly.

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