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Need to have your drains cleaned?


Every once in a while drains in your home clog. There are a couple of different methods to unclog them. One can attempt to physically unclog your drains through force. One could also call a plumber for more specialized methods. One could also use chemical solutions to unclog the drain. Of those three options, the chemical solution is usually the worst option. Chemical drain cleaning solutions are not the best option for at least three reasons.

The first reason chemical drain cleaning solutions are a bad idea is the very fact these solutions are harsh. They are not merely harsh on the clog, but harsh to the plumbing. Most chemical draining cleaning solutions are highly corrosive. They eat the clog. They also eat the plumbing, wearing it down, so that eventually you have a leak in the general area of the clog.

The second major reason is these harsh cleaning solutions are also hazardous. Breathing in the fumes of the chemicals reacting with the clog can be harmful. In addition, the cleaning solutions of this type should not be directly touched. These factors make these solutions particular concerning for those with young children and pets.

The third major reason that a chemical solution is not the best option is that the solution is affected by gravity, rendering them only partially effective. The clog might be the result of food backing up in twist in the plumbing. A cleaning solution will be primarily effective in the lower area of the clog nearest the edge, but have limited effect on the upper corner, leaving the drain pipe partially clogged. This partially clogged drain will then completely clogs again in a relatively short amount of time and require repeat use of the cleaning solution. Repeat use of chemical solutions in the drains will then cause the leak in the place of the clog.

Unclogging the drains around your home with chemical cleaning solutions is to be avoided for three reasons. The chemicals are harsh, hazardous, and partially effective. Using other options to unclog your drains would be better options in light of these facts.

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